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#bdayK ♡ (en Metro Callao)
🎊🎆MUCHÍSIMAS FELICIDADES KATIA !🎇🎉 Felices 18 🎂quien nos diría que íbamos a cumplirlos juntas, muchísimas felicidades princesa! espero que te lo pases muy bien y disfrutes de tu día, que te regalen🎁 muchas cosas que te lo mereces ! 😚🎈 @katiaketjb 
 (en Madrid)

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So I read all your guys suggestions last night and a lot of people said that I should try taking a more relaxed/natural full body self portrait! At first I found it tricky, because I’m used to taking very posed photo of myself, but I tried my best and this is what I got :)
Some people also suggested I try taking a self portrait in my bathtub or some kind of water which I plan on trying to do tomorrow, because I have the day off :D

zane holtz’s stupid fucking michael shannon clone face in hd i’m having an experience

I think my friend Max could easily get a modelling contract with this pose

August 21, 2014 - Heading to an office in Calabasas.